One of the many ways the Marble Museum keeps its doors open during the summer is through sales of unique Marble merchandise. Help us keep the doors open while shopping for these fun gifts that can only be found in our store! Your gift is sure to be a hit with friends and loved ones.

To make a purchase contact:

Kimberly Perrin, Marble Museum Director
412 West Main Street, Marble, CO 81623
email or call 970-963-9815


Mountain Memories, Over the San Juans – North by Northwest (includes Marble Quarry footage), David Showalter, $20.00

Marble–Town-Mill-Quarry–1884 till Now, $25.00

The Colorado Yule Marble Quarry, Our National Treasure, Ron Bailey, $25.00

Remembering Thanos Johnson, $25.00


Elk Mountain Odyssey, West Elk Scenes/Historic Byway Guide, Andersen/Johnson, $10.00

Historical Vignettes of Marble, Oscar McCollum, $15.00

Marble – A Town Built on Dreams, Volume II (hardback), Oscar McCollum – signed, $50.00

Trails among the Columbine, A Colorado High Country Anthology, (hardback), $22.00

Women of Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley, Meredith W. Ogilby, $24.00

This Cursed Valley, Larry K. Meredith, $20.00

Marble Historical Coloring Book, Susan Naum and Carol Rottman, $2.00

Yule Quarry and the Search for The Tomb of the Unknowns, $10.00

Creepy Crystal Tales – Volume I, Roger A. Neal, $10.00

Quarry Stories and More, Nan Barnard White, $6.50

Crystal – What Really Happened, Roger A. Neal, $16.00

Walking Tours – Self Guide, $2.00

Past Issues of the Marble Chips, $2.00

Elmer Bair’s Story – 1899 – 1987, Elmer Bair, $35.00

Growing Up True, Lessons from a Western Boyhood, Craig S. Barnes, $15.00


Water Bottles, $2.00

Stainless Steel Travel Mugs, $14.00

China Mugs, $5.00

Marble Cubes, 1 x 1 x 1 inch square, $1.00

Marble / Stone Bears on Stands, $30.00

Long Sleeve T Shirts, $15.00

Short Sleeve T shirts, $10.00

Ball Caps, $22.00