Levels & Benefits


Subscription to Marble Chips and free admission to the museum

FAMILY – $ 35

All individual benefits + free admission for all family members (one per household)

CHIP – $ 50-99

All family benefits + free admission for all accompanying guests

BLOCK – $100-149

All chip benefits + 10% off on all MHS merchandise

BOOSTER – $150-199

All block benefits + one gift subscription to Marble Chips for friends or family in your name

QUARRYMEN – $200-499

All block benefits + two gift subscriptions to Marble Chips for friends or family in your name

UNKNOWN SOLDIER – $500 and up

All quarrymen benefits + additional benefits based on donor’s wishes

CORPORATE – $60 and up

All individual benefits + free admission for clients & employees and specially tailored sponsorship opportunities

Good News for Old Timers

The Marble Historical Society will underwrite family memberships (one per household) for Old Timers who can no longer afford the membership dues for one year. If you either attended school or lived in Marble prior to 1941 and want to take advantage of this offer, let us know and we’ll sign you up. We still do welcome donations from those who are able and willing. Your memberships pay for the printing and postage of the Marble Chips and small general operating expenses. We appreciate all your help!

“Join Now

or Be Forgotten by History”

Marble Historical Society – Application for Membership

It’s time to join the Marble Historical Society or to renew your membership! Get the great feeling of being an active participant in the preservation and interpretation of the history of the Upper Crystal River Valley. MHS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All contributions are TAX-DEDUCTABLE to the full extent of the law.

Please mail this application to: Marble Historical Society
412 West Main Street, Marble, CO  81623

Check here if this is a gift membership  ____


Mailing Address


Day Phone

Evening Phone


Choose your membership levels:

INDIVIDUAL                     $   25               _________
FAMILY                               $   35               _________
CHIP                                     $   50-99        _________
BLOCK                                 $   100-149    _________
BOOSTER                            $   150-199    _________
QUARYMEN                       $   200-499   _________
UNKNOWN SOLDIER     $   500 & up  _________

CORPORATE        $   60 & up

Additional Contributions:

OPERATING FUND        $__________

SPECIAL PROJECTS       $__________
(Bell Tower, Old Town Hall, Oral History Project, Museum, Wayne Brown Memorial,

Name your project: __________________________________________________________