1st annual

Hysterically Historic

Marble Costume Party

for old timers and new timers

Saturday July 18,2015
noon-2:00 pm
@ Historic Mill Site Park in Marble, Colorado

Marble Old Timer is Redefined

What is an Old Timer, really? For quite awhile it has been operationally and prestigiously defined as any person who actually attended school in the Marble Historical Society owned building on West Main Street in Marble up until 1941 when WWII pretty much put an end to a lot of things in Marble. But do the math, students! Even if you enrolled in 1941 as a first grader you would be 78 now. So let’s face it. Old Timers by that definition are a dwindling bunch.

So lately there have been Old Timers and New Timers (young and old), Real Old Old-Timers, Emeritus Old Timers and just plain oldhungry, fun-loving folks who have made up attendance at the Marble Historical Society’s Annual Old Timers Reunion picnic at noon, every third Saturday in July. (July 18th this year) But this year there is something brand new: The Old Timers Costume Contest wherein anyone may concoct a personage of a real historical Marble figure, or an un-named type of former Marble  resident (butcher, baker, trouble-maker) of your choosing. Kind of like Halloween in July, only with a unifying theme—Marble History. We’ve provided a list of historical figures (elsewhere in this Marble Chips Newsletter) with page numbers on which they are pictured in Oscar’s Two-Volume set of Marble History.

There will be incentives and prizes, contests to guess the identity of your depicted personage, best costume, and maybe even a wrestling match between multiple depictions of the same historic figure to determine the best Col. Meek or John Osgood or Theresa Herman. Yahoo! But Remember, Rocky Balboa never lived in Marble. We have not yet determined all the details. Certainly there will be photo opportunities, to get your mug in the next Chips.

So start now to come up with your historic character’s attire. And if you’re old enough and enough of a character, it can be a “come as yourself party” for you. Otherwise, let it be “sew.” Attendance from neighboring historical societies and the general public are welcome—especially if you think you can out do the Marble locals. Main course and drinks are furnished. Potluck side-dishes are encouraged. Bring your camera and email your best shots to the Chips and you’ll be “recognized” for your creativity.